London’s best cafés

London’s best cafés

Daylesford Organic 

Where: 208-212Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH


Daylesford is an organic shop and café in Notting Hill which offers fresh products straight from the farm. The three-in-one grocery, deli, and bakery located on the groundfloor is the dream of every foodie. Upstairs, there is an open café kitchen where everything produced downstairs is put to good use. We would recommend youto visit this place for lunch when you can enjoy seasonal salads and soups ,freshly squeezed juice and other meals made with healthy and fresh ingredients.



Where: 66 GreatTitchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7QJ, UK


If you are insearch of “the best coffee” you should make a trip to this independent NewZealand/ Australian owned café. You get the usual variety of Café Latte,Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black ranging from £2.60 – £3.00 and theinteresting Coffee Tasting Flight for £6. In addition to the trulyprofessionally made coffee, they serve a variety of foods. Their butteryCroissant with Italian roast ham, with cheese melting over the ham, spinach andplum tomatoes is a MUST try!


Farm Girl 

Where: 59APortobello Road, London W11 3DB, England


Excellent coffeewhich is so pretty to look at that you wouldn’t want to take a sip, but youreally should! They also have trendy and various breakfast and lunch options,which are also delicious. We would recommend a rose-infused latte paired with araspberry croissant!


Black Swan YardCoffee

Where: 37Bermondsey Street - SE1 - London


Hidden behindLondon Bridge Station at the top of the cozy Bermondsey Street, is one ofLondon’s best kept secret spots for coffee. Its venue is unique itself becauseit’s located inside a bike shop… or the bike shop is inside the café? Anyway,if you are a sucker for the real passion of coffee, then you should give it atry.


Tomtom CoffeeHouse

Where: 114 EburyStreet, Belgravia SW1W 9QD 


If you are indesperate need of coffee which tastes way better than what the conventionalchains offer, Tomtom has excellent baristas who are there to give you exactlywhat you need! Tomtom stocks coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala,Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Sumatra and makestheir espresso-based, cappuccinos and lattes which taste delicious. Moreover,if you decide you want to take some of that amazing taste with you, and youmost certainly will want that, the same internationally sourced coffee beansare for sale!


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