Top sustainable shoe brands 2020

Top sustainable shoe brands 2020
Top sustainable shoe brands 2020

Top sustainable shoe brands 2020 




One of The Times, and ours as well, top pics for eco-friendly sneakers is Tretorn’s Nylite model which has also been spotted on many celebrities including Reese Witherspoon.Launched as the first luxury tennis sneaker, it is now reshaped by the use of50% natural rubber outsole, a recyclable insole, locally sourced canvas from small farms in Vietnam and Eco Suede. Sustainability is a key for Tretorn and it’s what leads them in the process of creating their products and business operations, so they keep looking for new and innovative ways to improve the way they use resources and act as an inspiration to other businesses.




Allbirds is popular for more than producing the “world’s most comfortable shoe” as they claim, the brand takes a sustainable approach in the materials they use. From recycled water for the polyester in the laces, sugar cane in the foam sole, castor bean oil in the insole to 90% recyclable cardboard packaging. 


Allbirds are really making being sustainable a very easy choice by offering a truly amazing product. The shoes are great for walking even after wearing them for many hours. You don’t have to wear socks with them because they are made of merino wool which doesn’t absorb odours the way other shoes do and they won’t itch you if you choose to go socks-free. However, you should note that the sneakers are not designed for athletic purposes, so they don’t have the built-in arch support or traction signature for such types of shoes.




Everlane is among the most favoured sustainable clothing brands. They offer a wide range of fashionable shoes and sneakers which, as a bonus, are also sustainable. Both of their sneakers models – the Trainer and the Court, are made from full-grain leather from a tannery which is Gold Certified from the Leather Working Group.The materials for the shoes include a mix of natural and recycled rubber which is 94.2% free of virgin plastic and 100%recycled polyester. What’s even more impressive about Everlane is their full transparency. Regardless of the model of shoes or other types of products, you can easily track details of its production process such as where it was produced and ensure for yourself whether it holds up to your sustainability standards.




Sézane is a modernFrench brand committed to a responsible production model which ensures that nowaste is being left behind. To achieve this, the brand releases pieces madefrom fabrics, leathers and other items left from previous seasons. Moreover,they run annual recycling programmes thanks to which more than 100,000 clothesare now living a second life. Sézane has proved to be a truly sustainable labelwhich fully supports European ateliers on their way to modernization andgrowth.

Their greatdesigns make using eco-friendly materials look so easy and chic at the sametime. What’s even more exciting is that the brand is planning on launchingtheir firs eco-friendly denim line and a new collection of 100% eco-friendly pieces in the months to come!




Veja is another French footwear label which has dedicated itself to fair trade sourcing, use of organic materials and full transparency. Set up in 2004 by two friends, Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion, the brand is known to be socially responsible and devoted to the use of ecological and sustainable materials fo rthe production of their products. Veja uses materials such as organic cotton grown without chemicals or pesticides in North-East Brazil, naturally wild-grown rubber from Amazon, ecological leather also known as vegetable-tanned in order to produce less pollution from its manufacturing.Additionally, the brand offers a selection of shoes made from vegan leather made from organic cotton and resin which is a waste of the corn industry. As if this is not enough, but you can also buy a pair from their entire collection made of recycled plastic bottles from the streets of Sao Paule and Rio deJaneiro. It is worth adding that all of their shoes are made in a factory which ensures the working conditions live up to the International Labour Organisation standards. Even though they may cost more than the average pair of sneakers, it is justified by the fact that it costs more to be good for the planet!



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